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Repair the Damage Caused by a Criminal Act

Seek restorative justice with help from Midwest ADR, LLC in Kansas City, MO

When someone commits a crime, it's about more than just breaking the law. Crimes cause damage to the communities in which they occur, and it's important to restore justice to the people impacted. Midwest ADR, LLC prioritizes restorative justice to mend relationships and repair harm caused and tries to offer a trial alternative. Our facilitator will work with the parties involved to resolve issues and communicate effectively with an Alternative Dispute Resolution.

We've been serving the Kansas City, MO community for more than three decades, completing more than 300 mediations, and restoring the peace, power and dignity of our clients. You can feel confident coming to us for help.

Learn more about our mediation process

When you hire Midwest ADR, LLC as your restorative justice facilitator, you'll have a mediator available to protect your rights. Whether you're pursuing housing mediation or restorative justice for employment, we'll ensure you receive due process and fair treatment under the law with our Alternative Dispute Resolutions.

We look to help provide numerous alternatives to the normal practices including:

  • Housing Court Alternatives
  • Criminal Court Alternatives
  • Civil Court Alternatives
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Diversity Training
  • Rivalry resolution
  • and many more!

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3 benefits of restorative justice

When criminals are locked away without any education or rehabilitation opportunities, they're likely to re-offend and spend even more time in jail. Restorative justice is intended to create productive resolutions instead of punishments to address all harm caused by the crime.

We recommend restorative justice solutions because they...

1.Allow all parties involved to be heard and express their feelings
2.Work to integrate all parties back into the community
3.Build stronger relationships between involved parties

Speak with our restorative justice facilitator today. We'd be happy to guide you through this process during your free consultation and help you learn more about Alternative Dispute Resolution and Restorative Justice.